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Welcome to Opera Fanatic! |

Welcome to Opera Fanatic!

Opera Fanatic™ specializes in releasing rare and hard-to-find recordings of operas and concerts on CD. We feature opera CDs with Franco Corelli, Beniamino Gigli, Maria Callas, Mario Del Monaco, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Magda Olivero, and others--many live. See details about our CDs on the left, by clicking on their names. You can also purchase them through our affiliation with the Bel Canto Society Store.

In North America taste in opera to a high degree has been formed by the Met, where typically the musical preparation of Italian repertory has been undertaken by German refugees and their pupils. Opera Fanatic offers recordings of insiders steeped in tradition, nearly all of them native speakers. Most of the recordings were made in Italy by the greatest singers, both in the studio and live. Opera Fanatic's objective is to perpetuate their legacies. We are the equivalent of a museum.

Many of our CDs contain booklets which include biographies, articles, and essays about the concerts and performances, interviews with Franco Corelli, Magda Olivero, Giulietta Simionato and other protagonists.


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